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"It is not enough to do everything we can, sometimes we must do what's right."

Winston Churchill



SC TEDRUM SRL Iasi provides services in technical design, implementation and installation work, commissioning of equipment for measuring, regulating and control systems for industrial processes and automated facilities.

SC TEDRUM SRL operates in the marketplace for over 15 years which led to the establishment of a solid economic and technical core, in this respect being attracted human resources with main professional experience.


Besides applications in asphalt preparation plants and associated equipment, SC TEDRUM SRL has a technical team with significant achievements in multiple industries such as:

•    road construction industry;
•    chemical industry;
•    wood industry;
•    metallurgical industry;
•    glassware industry;
•    food industry;
•    environmental industry.

The fundamental objective of the team TEDRUM is technical design, comm and implementation of integrated systems & industrial automation that meets all the needs of our partners in order to obtain an optimum sharing between price and performance.

The main objective of  TEDRUM is customer satisfaction by creating integrated systems that meet all the needs of business partners.

ISO 9001: 2008 certification, obtained by the company in 2006, shows efforts to provide top quality products and services in line with both international standards and special customer needs.

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